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About us


Welcome to Church at Carmel

Church at Carmel is a Christ-centered, Bible-based local church in the Greater Baltimore & Washington DC area. Our purpose is to be obedient to God's Word, based on the principles of the New Testament, to continue steadfastly in apostle's doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and in prayers (Acts 2:42). 


Church at Carmel caters to the well being of the total person-body, soul and spirit (I Thessalonians 5:23 and III John 2). It is a family church that ministers to adults, youth and children. There are special activities for the college and career group. The activities and services of Church at Carmel are open to all who are interested in attending and/or participating. It welcomes people from all walks of life, regardless of color, race, gender, language or nationality (Revelation 7:9).


Our Vision


The church which is the body of Christ is a living organism and not a mere organization. It is formed by the gathering together of born again believers in a given locality as the "Lord adds to the church such as should be saved". It functions under the Headship and Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ as believers gather together steadfastly for worship, breaking of bread, studying the Word of God, fellowship and prayers (Acts 2:42) thereby to show forth His fullness, unity, love, wisdom and power. 


God seeks true worshipppers who worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). Therefore, sufficient time is allocated for individual worship before the observance of Lord's table every Sunday. 


Witnessing and gospel outreach activity is constantly carried out in the surrounding areas.


Our Mission


To witness the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and bring many souls into the kingdom of God. 


To shepherd and build up believers in the faith and facilitate their growth in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through various ministries of the church. 


To prepare the church for the glorious appearing (Second Coming) of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Statement of Faith


We believe in the authority of the Holy Bible, as the complete Word of God. 


We believe in the Trinity - God's plan of salvation for mankind as planned by God the Father, executed by God the Son by His atoning death on the cross and His resurrection and applied and worked out by God the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. 


We believe in the body of Christ, the Universal Church composed of all born again believers all over the world and the local expression of that body in every place where believers meet together for worship and breaking of bread, fellowship and Bible study and prayer. 


We believe in the equality of the believers in the body of Christ being equally precious as they are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ, being equally important and useful as indwelt by the Holy Spirit to contribute to the building up of the church, the spiritual house and God's holy habitation to show forth His fullness, unity, love, wisdom and power. 


We believe in the preparation of the Church for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for which the worship is an important part of that preparation. Therefore we encourage individual worship of believers in spirit and in truth around the Lord's table every Sunday, enabling them to declare the preciousness of the Lord as experienced by them. We warn and encourage believers to take part in the Lord's table worthily to be prepared for the glorious appearing of the Lord. This exercise is important as the church is being sanctified and prepared as the holy Bride of Christ.


We believe in the stewardship of the Church, in preaching the gospel to all the people regularly so that souls are saved and added to the Church and discipled for the extension of the kingdom of God. We take every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and every believer is encouraged to participate in the various outreach programs.


We believe in the autonomy of local churches under the Headship and Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ based on the New Testament pattern and functioning according to the principles revealed in the Word of God. 

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