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Bro. Bakht Singh


Bro. Bakht Singh (1903 - 2000) was a man of God and a servant of Christ who "served his own generation by the will of God" (Acts 13:36). He became a Christian while he was a student in Canada. He was India's foremost evangelist, preacher and indigenous church planter who founded churches based on New Testament principles. He began a worldwide indigenous church-planting movement in India that eventually saw more than 10,000 local churches. He never sought recognition or status for what he believed the Lord was calling him to do. Bro. Bakht Singh called to glory on September 17, 2000 in Hebron, Hyderabad, India. He was 97.

Origin Of Bakht Singh Ministry In Hyderabad

Life & Legacy

The Lamb Upon the Throne
The Strong Foundation
Unsearchable Greatness of Salvation
The True Salt
True Liberty
Sharing God's Secrets
Seven Heavenly Things
Perfect Security
Return of God's Glory
The Overcomers Secret
Our Inheritance
My Chosen
Much Business
Forty Mountain Peaks
Looking Unto Jesus
Joy Unspeakable
The Joy of the Lord
Holy Spirit
Highway to Victory
Happy Married Life
The Greatest Secret
So Great Salvation
God's Dwelling Place
Fulness of God
How to find God's will
David Recovered All
Come Let Us Build
Behold I will do a New Thing
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